Navigator Charts

2018-07-08, GitHub

Extending the ruler concept to dates seemed straightforward enough to venture into the land of chart component layout. I started with a concept similar to grid bag layout and evolved it into something more practical for the purpose. The main idea is to keep the layout separate from the components and allow for layout changes without having to worry about individual components.

The code is still a work in progress…


The focus of the week was rulers. The resulting ruler formula chooses ticks based on the unit of span to be displayed. Thus far the code works for numbers only.

The next step is extend the concept to dates…

Navichart goal


This week I experimented with approaches to draw images on high dpi displays. I put this first because I was not sure what consequences might entail. Apparently drawing via the floating point overrides of Graphics2D does the trick.

Based on this, the basics of the ui component had been laid down. One side-effect of the week is some rudimentary plumbing to be able to see the output which I included below.

The next step is adding more details to the image…

Navichart goal

2018-06-16 Update

Navigator’s first piece is a chart library called navichart. The project stub is already on GitHub (link in the title). I will try to post progress on a weekly basis to be able to look back at the course.

One thing I already noticed is that my early chart renderer is blurry on high dpi displays. This is clearly not acceptable as most displays are high resolution these days. After some digging it turns out that Java should be able to handle this as long as drawing is done device independent coordinates. No problem…

New goal: look crisp on high resolution displays

2018-06-11 Kick off

  • Navigator is a project to guide through rough waters
  • Navigator is experimenting and analysis
  • Navigator enters development…

Navichart goal