Texture Producer Studio


As a member of Ümlaüt Design I participated in the development of a few 64k intros. My contribution was the texture editor/generator. The program lets you interactively create and edit procedural textures. It tries to mimic the ATG since the author of that tool published the basics of how to write a procedural texture editor. TXGen was developed using Visual Studio 6 and MFC.

64k compo

  • The executable cannot exceed the size limit of 65536 bytes
  • The executable cannot load anything from external datasources (including files, network etc)
  • The intro must be able to terminate on demand by pushing the Escape key

64k is quite large if you have efficient algorithms for storing models, textures, music etc… In most cases you want to use a generator so that you won’t have to directly store flat objects. Building TXGen took a couple of weeks and its usability has been demonstrated in several Ümlaüt Design products such as Fläsh, Skrätzh, Kräsh.