C++ Software 3D engine


I decided to enter the National Scientific Conference for Students with a software 3D engine. Thanks to the demoscene I already got in touch with such technologies. With the extensive help from my friends I started to create my own engine. It helped me a lot to fully understand the way that linear algebra operates and makes up a complete system. Some parts of the engine were based on the 3D engine of the You Die demo.

I decided to make the conference presentation with the engine itself so that nobody could question the existence of the product. To achieve this goal I created a simple script engine to define slides. The slides were basically pre-rendered images, but you could place objects rendered by the engine onto them. The interactivity of the slide player induced new requirements to the 3D engine. I needed some advanced timing control, so that I could step forward and backward between slides.

  • Render scenes stored in .3ds files
  • Load and render texture files
  • Animated textures
  • Render wire-frame model
  • Render to texture
  • Start/Stop/Reset scene timing