Klingon Watch Screensaver

2009-06-14, download

After watching the 11th ‘Star Trek Movie’ I suddenly felt the urge to contribute to the Star Trek scene. I wrote this application in the hope of being able reduce the gap between humanity and the Klingon culture :) The project turned out to be a fun way of spending the weekend.

  • .NET 3.5 application (not using architecture specific functions)
  • Supports screensaver preview
  • Supports multi-monitor configurations
  • Customizable digits and glow


  1. Create a folder for the screen saver e.g.: C:\Klingon\
  2. Extract the screensaver to the folder
  3. Right click the Screensaver file in explorer so as the explorer context menu pops
  4. Select the ‘Install’ menu item from the list

WARNING: Windows does not copy files upon the right click install method

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